From wired to wireless devices and apps on your smartphone and computer, TEL iQ has a full range of devices and software to keep connected to your business phone system at all times.

Never pay a cent for equipment again using our powerful apps that transform your computer or smartphone into a full business phone.

Already have your own phones? No problem, TEL iQ supports a wide variety of manufacturers.

If you can’t find your equipment here or have questions about purchasing new phones, never hesitate to contact us!

All Supported Phones

Cisco7940, 7960
GrandstreamHT286, HT486, HT503
LinksysPAP2, PaP2T, SPA941
PolycomIP301, IP321, IP330, IP331, IP335, IP4000, IP430, IP450, IP500, IP5000, IP501, IP550, IP600, IP6000, IP601, IP650, IP670
SnomM3, M9
YealinkT22P, T26P, T28P